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24 April 2013 @ 02:01 pm
Well, no, I'm not leaving anywhereXD I'm just moving everything to my second account, the journal where I've been posting only fanfiction is becoming now my official journal, personal AND fanfiction. <3
Since people said that might be better in the poll I held there, I agree XD;

I am not going to close this account and to the people in my f-list, please add my second journal -  nana575 . I'll be active thereXD
The only reason I am not deleting this account is because I've been posting to communities through this user, and I'm too lazy to start re-posting things, so it'll just stay hereXD in case I ever need this journal, it's going to be open. <3

well, that's it.

MOVED TO [info]nana575 !!! Feel free to friend me there, I don't bite XD <3

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22 April 2011 @ 02:25 am
Haha..I haven't posted anything here in ages >w< (been more active with my fanfiction journal though XP well, that too was kinda off-on recently, oh well, I'll graduate in about...two months, so just to survive it and I'll be fine X3 jk)

more of my story over here >DCollapse )
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Okay, so I know I haven't written here for AGES x"D and only posted few fanfics in my fanfics journal X"D but I'm a lazy jerk like this -fall-

anyways, I've been watching few JE concert lately (well, obviously NEWS Diamonds, Never Ending Wonderful Story, for the 1000th timeXD), so I had like...NEWS, Hey!Say!JUMP and KAT-TUN (QUEEN OF PIRATES 8D -shot-)
and hmmm...let's see what are Nana's conclusions from this JE concert marathon XD

KAT-TUN ~ QUEEN OF PIRATES : BAKANISHI HAS TO STOP WITH THAT STUPID PIPE X"D I'm gonna kick his ass for this one day X"D this, and the shot, and the fact he wrote LOVEJUICE because god, I know it's been well, awhile since then, but please, dear lord, why porn songs?XD Otherwise...Nana is fangirling that jerk lately -has a Bakanishi desktop *hides*-, somebody kick me and bring me back to life?8D
I've also gotten into my own Akame craze and I've been reading like...TONS of akame fanfics latelyX"D my evening goes like this lately:
*11PM* ~ Starts saving random fanfics to my MP4/5
*1-2AM* ~ Finished ~ goes to bed
*1:30AM-4AM* ~ Reading, reading, reading, untill I'm dead X"D 

and these fics lately are mostly akame so shoot meXD

anyways, after watching QOP I was like god,  PiN is a great pairing XD I mean, two months ago I've hardly brought myself to read 2 oneshots that were PiN, I had the image of best friends forever thing with Pi and Bakanishi, I mean, I still have it, just that...more then friendshipXD back then I was like 'they're only best friends~ don't make them pairing too', Pi has Ryo for this(well, or Keii-chan, or Tego-chan, or Toma god, he has lots of themXD) and Bakanishi has Kame-chan, but then I watched few things with them together...>...>
-goes to find more Pi/Jin fics X"D- yeah, againX"D-shot-

hmmm...what else...Junno is adorable as always, I've always liked him too muchXD and Ueda...uwha, I finally came to like him after watching some old Cartoon KAT-TUN episodes and this concert X"D I really fail, don't I?XD

nya~As for NEWS...~ you already know my opinions about NEWS concert, I'm a proud NEWS fangirl X"D who really likes Tegonyan crossdressing XDD <333 I mean, he's sweetXD I say he's cuter then Chinen, and I mean, Chinen was cute...when he was younger, before his voice broke and all, Tego-chan is like...over 20 and he's still charming 8D -shot-

I'm also obsessed with Ryo-chan's monologue obviously, being the Ryo-chan freak I am XD cause really...sexy osaka dude 8D -shot-

about JUMP I don't have much to say XD Yamada is adorable as always xD -hides him in my closet >.>- and gah I like Hika XD and Takaki has gotten into me -shot- but the concert isn't a subject I want to talk about...more like....JUMP No.1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This album was good XD <3333 
Obviously my favorite song was Shinku from the moment I heard it for the first time in the HikaYamaChii versionXD but gah, that's a great song and well done Yamada for writing it <3
Second favorite was Ai Scream XD cause Hika...and WIN XD 
and third one would be the last song ofcourse with the messages~ ADORABLE XD yuto's was too short for my likings thoughX"D it was like

I'M NAKAJIMA YUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everybody! Follow us!! 
It was Yuto! Byebye! 


Chinen made me laugh too with his "DAISUKI~" calls XD and Yabu's voice creeped me out a bit o-o;;; reminded me of Miki Shinichiro in the messages in Sukisho!! Album CD-doesnt remember it's nameX"D-  the way it creeped me out I mean XD 

hmmm...jya~ anyways, ofcourse Yamada is No.1 XD <3333 (and Ryo-chan...>.>;;; And Pi niichan....>.> and many others -dies-)


-looks up-
Wow...I'm such a fangirl X"D -goes to finish Gokusen2- well, thank you for reading Nana's fangirling corner 8D hope you didn't die 8D this post has no point in itXD I just had to say these things before I explode of over-information and over-JEness XD <3

OH BTW! two of my friends and myself started an LJ for general JE romaji, kanji (maybe translations later) and colorcoded lyrics~ 
feel free to take a look <3



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27 March 2010 @ 07:31 pm

Uwah~ I havent posted here since like...foreverXD not that anyone is reading my LJ anyways ne >.>;;;
well, not that I care 8D -shot- Nana is here because she was bored and her LJ is dead so decided to post something =3

Actually the main reason for posting today is that Nana wants to write a new JE fic, which I haven't done for a whileXD 
so I've decided I want people to challenge me well, this is basically a request thingie and Nana will do her best to fullfil your wishes?XD
Although I really prefer NEWS pairings X"D since I know them the best, or JUMP and Akame is fine tooXD you can try asking for others i'll try getting them too 8D 

All you need to do in order to request a fic and challenge Nana is to fill this form in your comment~~~:

Pairing: (any JE pairing)
Rating: (yes I can write smut too just dont kill meXD)
Storyline/Punch/etc: (Basically write your challenge/request?XD just about one sentence telling what you basically want~ ^^)

**NOTE: If you want anything from a drama like idk KuroSato (Kurosagi/Satoshi aka KoyaPi) or something like this, you can always try asking for itXD and hope I've seen the drama (I'm a drama freak so don't worry about itXD)

one more thing...please. but PLEASE don't ask me for pairings with Yamada RyosukeX"D i'm able to write Yama/___ pairings X"D really, just can't XD love him too much >.>;;;


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19 December 2009 @ 12:48 am
 Hello!~~~~~~~~~~ =D
I'm making this post public since nobody reads my lj anywaysXD and if anyone does...so hello 8D I'm nana xP

anywaysXD ive finally stopped being a lazyass and made myself a new layout<3 and also a new NEWS headerXD finally a full group picXD ^^ I'm such a NEWS addict lately<3

I'm going back to dorms on Sunday, and still have math and history homework to finishX"D -which i am gonna do after posting this and running to my room before mom gets upX"D its 00:44 XDD-
and i wont be here before the last day of the yearXD so..yeah, early merry x'mas~ [did i even spell it right?XD] and happy hanukkah to those who celebrate o-o; -should but doesntXD-

so who's for kidnapping a random NEWS member and mailing him for me as a present?8D -shot- i gotta stop writing posts so late at nightXD

anyways~ go to my fanfics~ ciao!~
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